We love to innovate, research and work
with cutting-edge technologies.

Software development, engineering
and consulting company

HASELT (acronym from: Hyper Advanced Solutions Engineering with Leading Technologies) is a software development, engineering and consulting company.

Our main focus is to provide best-of-class software development services and deliver products that go beyond customers expectations. We love to innovate, research and work with cutting-edge technologies.

Our team consists of passionate technology experts, recognized individuals and certified professionals who work together with the idea to improve the world of technologies, help other businesses grow and support our partners in achieving their success.

We strive to develop and improve the intelligence of the digital world.

Message from the founder

HASELT has been created with a single goal in mind: to help other businesses get the most out of technology. We believe that our potential and advanced knowledge, in addition to our entrepreneurial spirit is the key to our excellence reflected in each of the products and services we provide.

Sincerly yours,
Hajan Selmani, Founder & CEO

Hajan Selmani

Core Values

  • Transparency & Honesty
  • Trust & Care
  • Curiosity & Inspiration
  • Respect
  • Excellence, Knowledge & Commitment



Some of the highly recognized engineers in the area are part of our Engineering Unit, which covers the software solution development from the very beginning until the completion of a project’s life cycle.


Hyper Arrow is our creative intelligence focused on helping brands share their story with the world. Building brand experiences, visual arts and eCommerce are their specialty.


Our Business Unit takes care of the establishing and nurturing aspects when communicating with our clients, with a sole purpose to better understand the needed requirements prior delivering a solution.


Our Operations Unit is mostly responsible for setting the goals , budget and business objectives our company is achieving, one day at a time.

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