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HASELT is focused on people. We believe that investing in our people reflects in achieving the highest results.

We are constantly searching to find the brightest minds and help them grow on their professional career path, while realizing our company's vision, all together.

We believe in: knowledge sharing, respect and commitment, open and transparent communication, trust and care. We work together to achieve the goals we've set.


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Two reasons why I love HASELT: THE PEOPLE and THE ENERGY. This has been my second home for 4 years now and it will definitely remain for many countless ones in the future. I grew up as a person, professional and a friend. Looking forward to conquering the world together.

Elena Markovska, Business & Project Manager

Elena Markovska

HASELT gives you the opportunity to be part of a joined effort of innovation and providing solutions in the most diverse industry in our age. With a unique trust-based culture that enables you to progress in your areas of interest, while working with happy people who value you.

Jovica Saveski, Software Development Engineer

Jovica Saveski

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