Building a product is pretty hard, and entrepreneurs have to make difficult decisions daily with very limited resources and imperfect information. In our experience, the best safety net is the advice and experience of professionals who walked that road countless times.

If you can relate to the above,
you are in the right spot.

At HASELT we offer a complete range of IT services consultation specifically tailored to your product needs. From hand-holding until you finalize your product vision, to essential planning and analysis of the project to building a dedicated development team that will work only in your product best interests. In short, you tell us what you want, we find the best way to do it.

To summarize, we do the heavy lifting in building your idea while you can focus on your strategic goals that are necessary to see your product out in the world.

Our process in a nutshell:


We get to know your idea through collaborative sessions.

We ask questions until we understand the core of your idea (and the concerns you might have) and we can start the mapping in our heads.

Market research

Upon understanding your idea, we go into research mode to find out what the competition is doing, what works and doesn’t work, all in order to help us build your product to stand out from the rest of the market.

Product scoping

Once we have just enough information, we draft and design the product features we want to tackle in the upcoming development phases.

Product building

Our highly-skilled product teams start to work on your product.

We work 100% transparent and Agile, keeping you always included in all of the important steps.

We deliver early and often, we modify and adjust until we reach the goal.


When it comes to testing, we are meticulous as one can be!

Our team of testers takes care to cover every possible and impossible test case scenario until we have 0 bugs.


We believe that real users are the best validators of our efforts.

We follow the market trends and we user-test during the whole journey until we are sure that we are building something that our users want and need.


No greater joy than finally reaching launch day! 🚀

We provide full dedication to the product launch with an increased team capacity and care to have a smooth and successful product launch.


Our journey doesn’t stop after the successful launch; we are here to take care of your product and provide top-notch IT support for your product using our mature DevOps and Site Reliability processes.

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HASELT can help you?